Changelog parch 0.2 10-5-19

Changelog of Lineage 2 TotalWar
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Changelog parch 0.2 10-5-19

Postby Noga » Sun May 12, 2019 5:36 pm

Total War L2


Changelog parch 0.2


Implemented Test server to analyze and repair.
It accommodated critical damage exceeded warriors, now works properly.
Maximum Critical Damage newly established at 500.
Reduced the chance and amount of buff that remove all types of Cancel Buff.
Reduced P.Def M.Def Valakas and Antharas.
Beleth Ring is claimed by the leader of the party in the grave.
Modified the respawn in Auto Events for better gameplay.
Increased the amount of Fame that is gained in the Automatic Events.
Reduced P.Def in Zone Farm 4.
Implemented a auto restart 4:00 A.M UTC -03: 00.


Implementado servidor de Testeo para analizar y reparar.
Se acomodo el daño critico excedido de los guerreros, ahora funciona correctamente.
Maximo Critial Damage nuevamente establecido en 500.
Reducida la chance y cantidad de buff que quitan todos los tipos de Cancel Buff.
Reducida la P.Def M.Def Valakas y Antharas.
Beleth Ring lo reclama el lider de la party en la tumba.
Modificados los respawn en Auto Eventos para una mejor jugabilidad.
Increased the amount of Fame that is gained in the Automatic Events.
Reducida la P.Def en Zone Farm 4.
Implementado un auto restart 4:00 A.M UTC -03:00.
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