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Postby Focus » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:41 pm

Hello fella!

Welcome to Total War Lineage 2 High Five community!


We are glad to have you here and we hope you enjoy your stay.

Let me talk to you about Total War L2 features:
.- We have a fully integrated Community Board where you can do almost everything!
.- We've implemented a SKIN system, it's awesome!
.- We don't have anything more than the basic game, like Custom armor, weapons, etc.
.- We've included random items in shop, changing every week (Community Board).
.- We've implemented a VIP system, in which the EXP, SP and a lot of things are incremented
.- Fully functional Buffer NPC with all buffs/dances/song having a duration of 2h.
.- GMShop containing till S-84 items.
.- We have implemented multiple events, like: TvT, DeathMatch, CTF, Hunting Grounds, Battlefields, Domination, Last Man Standing.
.- Territory Wars is cleaned every time a new cicle begins.
.- Restricted olly max enchant to +10 (Your weapon will automatically downgraded to +10)
.- Hero every week.
.- Most of the Grand Bosses have a respawn time of 12 hours.

We wait you inside the game!

L2 Total War Private Server.
High Five.

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